Our mission is to develop passionate followers of Jesus Christ who know and manifest His presence, power and purity. Our students will be radically in love with Jesus. They will be possessed by the treasure within - the gospel - and unashamedly committed to flooding the world around them with that gospel.

Our students will be equipped for the unique assignment that God has called them to. They will be ready to transfer the gospel in their personal modern context - applying both the power of the Spirit and the word of God.

Our students will understand what it means to be a child of God. They will walk with an awareness that Christ is in them and they are in Christ. They will subsequently be resistant to the insecurities of the world.

It’s so important that we take time and say: God, form our heart, form our calling, and let me be fully given to you. That I might run this race and see this world changed for the gospel of Jesus Christ
— Ben Fitzgerald
When we understand the depths of Gods love for us, we cannot stay silent about his love to those around us
— Sol-Marita Kopseng

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